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Welcome to the Family Lonnie.

Lonnie Kosuko Kauk is not your typical climber. His roots run deep as an Ahwahnechee descendent in the Yosemite Valley, the son of a professional climber and a product of Mammoth Mountain Unbound Main Park jump line. Lonnie's unique influences have informed a unique vision that we are proud to align with. 

His transition through the snowboard park, into the backcountry and then onto rock mirrors the journey of 686. After over a year of product testing and adventuring together, we are proud to formally welcome Lonnie to the 686 family.



The new Magic Line logo celebrates the 5.14c crack in Yosemite that Lonnies father, Ron Kauk, first climbed in 1996, and then Lonnie completed as the first ever redpoint in 2018. The logo also externalizes Lonnie’s perspective to “live life like a magic line” in everything he does.

Before, I would actually bring my climbing pants and then have my Levi’s on. I would get here and I would change into my climbing pants and go climbing, and then go back to my ride at the end of the day and switch back to my Levi’s. I noticed with these you don’t have to do that. Which is funny how they call them the Everywhere Pant.” – Lonnie Kosuko Kauk 

We are currently working on forthcoming signature designs with Lonnie that could drop as early as Fall 2022.